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Outreach and Education

The Raghavan Lab is committed to the educational and outreach mission of introducing bioengineering broadly, so more people can occupy the BME space. The more diverse the individual identities in BME, the better we collectively solve health problems. We strive to create an aware BME community that will throw the weight of bioengineering towards solving critical health inequity. 

Service Roles - 2023

Members of the Raghavan Lab take on other service roles, both at Texas A&M University and the broader BME Scientific Community!


Society for Biomaterials

Dr. Raghavan serves as the Vice-Chair for the Immune Engineering Special Interest Group in the Society for Biomaterials. She also serves as a member on the DEI Committee.


BME Graduate Student Association

Abbie Clevenger: Vice President

Sabrina VandenHeuvel: Webmaster

Arpita Mohapatra: Mentorship Chair

Claudia Collier: GPSG Rep



Dr. Raghavan is a part of the BME UNITE Collective - a group of academics advocating for and acting on changing the future of BME.

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